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Complete Fire Door Tests, Reports and Certificates, Weekly Fire Alarm Tests and More From Your Phone.

We’ve revolutionized fire safety checks with our new award-winning software. Say goodbye to outdated methods and manual record-keeping. Now, with just your smartphone or tablet, you can conduct Weekly Fire Alarm Tests, Fire Door tests, reports and certificates, Fire Extinguisher tests, reports and certificates, Emergency Lighting tests, reports and certificates and more. Capture images, annotate drawings, and save everything directly to the cloud. Your records are instantly accessible from the office via our cloud-based software, ensuring seamless and efficient safety management.

Weekly fire alarm test, your responsibility

How to set up the admin panel


Tests you can carry out

Fire Door Surveys
Fire Extinguisher
Weekly Fire Alarm Tests
Monthly Emergency Lighting Tests
Fire Safety Training Records
Fire Evacuation Drills
Record Of False Alarm
Daily Check List
Test/Maintenance Schedule
Staff Training and Drills

Fire Door Tests

With our intuitive app, you can conduct all tests using your mobile device. Easily complete reports, capture photos, annotate drawings, and have the finalized documents immediately accessible back at the office.

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Weekly Fire Alarm Tests

All businesses that have a fire alarm system should carry out weekly fire alarm tests. our system makes it easy and it is all stored in the cloud for safekeeping

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Fire Extinguisher Tests

Conduct all necessary checks directly from your mobile device. Our user-friendly interface allows for effortless operation. Upload floor plans and pinpoint the exact locations of your equipment with ease.

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The admin Can See all Projects & Access Data

As soon as the site staff complete a survey or report, it is instantly ready for you in the office.

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The app is being used all over the UK by various businesses.

Professional surveys need to be carried out every 6 months

Professional surveys on flats are needed every 3 months

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